Phototherapy skintrek PT3


Minimizing the side effects and risk of skin cancer

The digital phototherapy device skintrek® PT3 is a modern, medical device created to treat skin diseases like Psoriasis, Vitiligo and eczema (i.e. neurodermatitis). In the process the UV-exposure of skin lesions is performed by about 800.000 digitized Pixel rays with high contour precision and in a localized selective manner. This kind of phototherapy is called digital phototherapy. It vastly minimizes the risk of skin cancer caused by the treatment, since no healthy skin is exposed by UV-rays. Furthermore side effects, like ageing of the skin and pigmentation of healthy skin, which are quite common in conventional part or whole body phototherapy, are eliminated.

Faster therapy for Psoriasis

Since only diseased areas of skin are exposed during the therapy for Psoriasis, it is possible to apply higher doses without the risk of sunburn on healthy skin. New medical studies shown that in this way fewer sessions are necessary to successfully treat the affected areas.

Switchable UV-spectrums

Depending on the pattern of disease and the desired therapy different UV-spectrums are used in the digital phototherapy. To meet this need the UV-spectrum of the skintrek® PT3 can be easily switched from UVA (320 nm – 400 nm) to UVB (300 nm – 320 nm).

Automatic detection of lesions

The patented skintrek® technology and an integrated camera in the exposure head allow it to automatically detect diseased lesions on the patient’s skin. The doctor can also manage this process manually to either define lesions that are hard to detect by the system, delete mistakenly detected skin areas or correct the margin areas of lesions. This process is handled easily and quickly by high quality medical mouse and keyboard of the skintrek® PT3.

Automatic motion tracking

The patient does not have to be immobilized during the treatment because small movements will be detected and tracked. In this way healthy areas of skin on the edges of lesions are only slightly affected, even when the patient moves because the motion tracking happens within fractions of a second. If a patient completely leaves his “defined movement space” the UV-therapy will automatically stop.

Constant UV-Dose and adjustable profile of dosage

The therapeutic dose of rays can be set individually at the phototherapy device skintrek® PT3. During the phototherapy the power of the device is automatically regulated and the applied dose is precisely calculated. When reaching the prescribed dose the exposure will automatically switch off. To make sure the predefined dose is applied to every affected skin area the skintrek® PT3 also checks the topography of the skin surface. This way, skin areas that lie at an angle to the incidence angle of the rays are also treated with the exact dosage. Furthermore, the doctor can create profiles of dosage, that allow it to apply a continuously decreasing UV-dose at the edge of the lesions.

Easily adjustable exposure head

The exposure head is easily adjusted and positioned by hand. With the exposure size of 277 mm × 208 mm large areas of the body can be irradiated in one step.


Dimensions (LxWxH) : 1.086 mm x 656 mm x 1.280 – 2.054 mm (43” x 26” x 50”)

Power : 230 V~, 50 Hz , max. 1.000 W

Weight : approx. 80 kg (176 lbs.)

UV  Spectrum (choice) : UVA, 320 nm – 400 nm ; UVB, 300 nm – 320 nm


The development of the phototherapy device skintrek® PT3 is supported by the federal state of Lower Saxony, program: “Future and Innovations Lower Saxony”.

Skintrek PT3 Brochure (386.9 kB)

Declaration of Conformity (322.2 kB)