Vision, Mission, and Values we provide  at Omnitec Design

Vision and Mission:

Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable equipment for the restoration, abatement, and construction industries. When you purchase our equipment, you will receive our high-quality product, built in the USA and our customer service, which is the best in the industry. Our vision is to create products we are proud to stand behind. We fulfill that vision with every piece of equipment we create.

Values We Provide:

High Quality products,built  in the USA. We choose only UL listed components and take great care in assembling and testing each machine. We take pride and personal responsibility for the quality of our equipment. The safety of contractors using our machines is most important to us. Our equipment was tested by the NRTL TUV lab, to comply with UL and CSA/IEC electrical and OSHA safety standards. Our equipment can be used on governmental projects and in the healthcare industry without risking potential shutdown by inspectors. Many of our machines also comply with CE/IEC requirements for European and international markets.

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isolation labs renovations

Patient Isolation

Patient’s Isolation Rooms

The OmniAire HEPA negative air machines and OmniAire PAC Portable Air Cleaners can be used to create positive and negative pressure isolation rooms, first response areas, increase number of air changes per hour (ACH) and to purify the air in gathering areas.. Our machines are equipped with HEPA filters, UV-C germicidal lights and an optional PEROx, a Hydro-Peroxide air purifier module for the highest degree of purification of air and surrounding surfaces. To monitor the patients room pressure relative to pressure in corridors to prevent any cross-contamination, the Watchman differential pressure monitor or Omniguard 4 differential pressure recorder can be used.

Negative Pressure Environment

Pressure Environment

OmniAire 2000vThe CDC recommends an Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) for the patients with infectious diseases such as smallpox (variola major), mucobacterium tuberculosis (TB), SARS, airborne viral diseases (VZV), measles (Rubeola) and mucorales. Current CDC guidelines recommend negative pressure rooms with an anteroom for AII rooms. The negative pressure room should have 0.020” W.C. lower pressure than the attached corridors. The OmniAire machine is used to purify air from the isolation room before it is exhausted in surrounding corridors or outdoors

Positive Pressure Environment

Positive Pressure Environment

To create a clean room environment for hyper-sensitive patients, the room can be positively pressurized with clean, sterile air to prevent bio-contaminants to migrate into the room. This protective environment is recommended for HIV patients, bone marrow transplant, ICU rooms, diabetes patients, cancer patients, stem cell transplants and other high risk patients. Recommended by CDC, the positive pressure room should have at least 0.010” W.C. higher pressure than the attached corridors. The OmniAire PAC OmniAire 1200PACcombines several stages of air purification to assure the highest purity of supplied air to positively pressurize the isolation room.

Patient Room Cleanup - Turnaround Time

We are concerned with providing the highest levels of protection for hospital workers and patients. After hospital cleaning staff carry out infectious disease control cleanup procedures (the removal of all physical items) in the infected areas, the room can then be put back in service faster if the air is purified and sterilized using an OmniAire PAC Portable Air Cleaner with high output PEROx air purifier module.xide plasma generator. This results in minimal room shut down and disruption which is a major concern for all hospital administrations.