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About Us


Established in 1983, Clinipak has grown from a small, family run business specialising in paper and paper-based products to a multi-million pound organisation offering a wide range of products for all stages of the decontamination process. We were acquired in 2006 to become part of the Jourdan plc holding group of companies and have grown from strength to strength, despite challenging economic conditions.


In contrast to a number of other suppliers of sterilisation consumables, Clinipak manufacture many products from our headquarters in the UK. We are able to offer customised solutions as a result of our flexible manufacturing and can respond to changes in demand much more effectively. If you have a specific or unusual requirement, you can be confident that Clinipak will do their absolute best to accommodate it.


Clinipak’s customers are at the centre of our business – we understand the demands made of decontamination units and the challenges they face. We develop product and process solutions and deliver them exactly when they are needed. We supply high quality, high performance products tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


Clinipak place a strong emphasis on providing high quality products backed by exceptional customer service. We are accredited to the ISO9001:2008 standard for quality management systems, which drives our objectives for continuous improvement. We guarantee compliance with all legislative norms and standards applicable to our products and offer training and guidance to ensure proper use and support best practice.

How we work

UK Within the UK, Clinipak work with a huge variety of customers from small dentistry practices to large, stand-alone decontamination units. Our broad product portfolio and sharp focus on customer service have meant that we are a market leader in decontamination consumables, with solutions and support for every operational challenge. ROW (Distributors) Outside of the UK, Clinipak work with a network of distributors who keenly understand their local markets and can deliver the level of service that our customers have come to expect. If you would like to purchase Clinipak products, please contact your local distributor for more information. (disti map) If you are interested in becoming a Clinipak distributor, please click here

Why Clinipak

Clinipak offers an unrivalled level of service to all of its customers. We understand the critical nature of the products we supply and the implications of not having the items our customers require, when they need them. Our wide range of products and flexible manufacturing processes allow us to respond immediately to changes in demand or emergency situations.


Clinipak have been established in the field of decontamination and sterilisation for more than 30 years. In that time, we have developed a wealth of knowledge of the demands and requirements of the products and the processes. We have the added benefit of a dedicated, in-house Clinical Lead with expert knowledge of the industry backed by years of experience in developing norms and practice standards. All of these resources are available free of charge to our customers for training and guidance.


Clinipak are dedicated to finding new and innovative products for decontamination units. Many of our products have been launched as a direct result of a customer’s need to have specific problems solved and we are always open to receiving ideas and sourcing solutions. With new technological developments and changes in normative standards in the industry, we continuously strive to be at the forefront of innovation.


Compliance is an enormous consideration for Clinipak, as it is for our customers. It is imperative that our products meet and exceed the standards expected and demanded of them. We are accredited to ISO9001:2008 which monitors and controls our quality management system and ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and fit for purpose.


Many of our customers report the same challenges in re-processing their medical devices. Issues such as wet packs after sterilisation and damage to packaging during transport are often quoted across all types of customer. Clinipak have not only responded by developing a range of problem-solving products but have also produced ‘solution sets’ which contain samples of those products for the end user to determine which products best suit their situation. Solution sets to combat wet packs, handling damage and traceability issues are all available on request.