About us

About MP

Marina Pioneers Trading Est. (Marsa AlRowad) started commercial activities in 2007, as a specialized healthcare company. At present, it is one of the updated companies in Saudi Arabia specializing in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory equipment, diagnostics, medical disposables and hospital supplies as well as consumer supplies. The company kept a pace with the rapid development of the health sector and evolved along with the demands of a constantly growing market and ambitious development plans of the government, represented mainly, by the Ministry of Health. Branch offices were opened in Tabuk and Jeddah to cover the whole market and to provide prompt and efficient services to clients in each area. History

History of MP

Marina Pioneers Trading Est. (Marsa AlRowad) … a specialized healthcare organization Marina Pioneers was founded by Mahmoud Bin Mahmoud Bin Hassan Abu-Salem in 2007. Since Marina Pioneers Launch, the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia has gone through a rapid expansion and development. Marina Pioneers kept a pace with the developments and from modest set-up in 2007, the company has developed to be recognized as one of the leading healthcare organizations in Saudi Arabia. Today, Marina Pioneers exclusively distributes many different product lines from renowned international manufacturers in the field of hospitals & consumer supplies, medical equipment, lab & diagnostics, as well as biomedical maintenance and turkey projects and operations services. Marina Pioneers plan for operations and hospital biomedical maintenance department is renowned for its many prestigious contracts of primary institutions in both governmental and private sector. Vision

Vision of MP

To become the kingdom’s most comprehensive source and leading provider of world class healthcare technologies and professional services which actively supports the advancement of the healthcare sector. Mission

Mission of MP

To excel in our chosen field of business by providing the highest quality healthcare products and services, and continuously cultivate our team’s service oriented foundation in pursuit of distinctive medical business excellence. Chairman’s Statement

Chairman’s Statement

We have strived, right from the very beginning, to excel in our chosen field of commercial activity. From humble beginnings in 2007, Marina Pioneers has grown to become a leading company in the Healthcare Sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We shall continue to forge ahead, God willing, and keep looking for new opportunities to grow and expand our business with an aim to provide high quality products and professional excellence to our customers.

Mahmoud Bin Mahmoud Bin Hassan Abu-Salem President & CEO