MixtaBusinesses HEALTH ALWAYS AND PRIOR... Mixta is powerful with its technology, products, absolute customer satisfaction and after-sale services.

We are pleased to introduce our reputation in stainless steel hospital equipment’s. Our specialty is producing Central Sterilization Units Stainless Steel Equipment, Operating Room Stainless Steel Equipments, Stainless Steel Equipments for Common Use in hospitals and Morgue Units in 304 qualities. Our struggle is giving the most accurate service with our well trained staff to the health sector by taking the customer satisfaction as our basic philosophy, without swerving from our increasing quality, within the framework of social responsibilities. Therefore, we are one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey. Our company has future ambitions to serve the customers in the best possible way and providing a high class service.

Working with the motto of customer satisfaction, during all these years, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in today’s market and we have acquired a huge list of satisfied and special customers. Keeping in mind, the changes in the market and the growing demands of our customers, we strive to keep ourselves up to date by hiring qualified personnel and training ourselves and the staff on regular basis.

Stainless steel equipment’s which are indispensable of central sterilization unit needs are designed to provide the most accurate answer to the needs of hospitals. The products manufactured with first quality stainless steel raw material are used with peace of mind in sterile areas such as in hospitals where sterilization is required.

Especially being made easier and faster sterilization of this material makes it superior to many other materials. Our many ease of use products chosen by health care personnel have being used for years in local and overseas markets.